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CompuOne web hosting is a robust solution for websites of any size.
Local and secure web hosting with customer service in mind.

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Facing Technology Together

As technology continues to evolve, we evolve with it. In doing so, we are actively providing secure and robust web hosting solutions.

Managed Setup

Never set up a website before? CompuOne will take care of initial website set up and provide all necessary information once complete.

Fast Loading

Our secure hosting solutions were built with speed in mind. CompuOne servers are set up to reduce load times.

SEO Support

Want help ensuring your site makes it to the front page? CompuOne can help build websites to ensure they are search engine friendly.

CompuOne is the Perfect Solution for Your Next Website

Grow your business on our fast and realible hosting solutions.

Web Hosting Features

Create unique, one of a kind websites backed with a robust hosting solution.

Website Hosting

Host your website on our hometown servers based in San Diego, California. With a global reach, your customers will be able to access your site from anywhere.

Site Security

Prevent unwanted access with an updated SSL certificate. The CompuOne team both installs and monitors SSL certificates to ensure site security.

Automatic Backups

Automated backups of both database and web files.

FTP & Database Access

Full website access 24/7. CompuOne prides itself in being completely transparent.

SEO Friendly

Our web hosting solution is built to be SEO friendly.

Happy Clients

Tim P.

"We trust CompuOne with all aspects of our IT needs including web hosting, emaill, computer installation and all software purchases. I wish we had discovered CompuOne much sooner."

Saeed S.

"You get a lot more than what you pay for. They are fair and honest. I would definitely recommend CompuOne."

Why Choose Us

Considering switching hosting providers? Join the CompuOne hosting enviornment.

Full Access

You have complete control over your website on our servers.

Fast Speeds

Our enviornment is set up with efficency in mind.

Highly Secured

We take the necessary steps to ensure our servers and your site is secure.

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